The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was newly established in August 2005. It is comprised of four departments: Industrial and Systems Engineering (with Master`s and Ph.D. programs), Electronic Engineering (with Master`s and Ph.D. programs), Information and Computer Engineering (with a Master`s program), Electrical Engineering (with Master`s and Ph.D. programs) and Undergraduate Program in College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.The Master Program in Communication Engineering begins in the 2010 academic year.

Previously grouped under the College of Engineering, all four departments have been in operation for over thirty years: Industrial and Systems Engineering (Industrial Engineering formerly 1964~2007), Electronic Engineering since 1966, Information and Computer Engineering since 1981(it’s predecessor, the Computer Science Sector of the Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1973) and Electrical Engineering since 1972. All departments have been renowned for cultivating numerous professionals who have made great contributions to Taiwan`s economic development.

Organization Chart
Key Features
  1. Each department in our college focuses on combining theory and practical work. Alumni working in science parks and the manufacturing sector perform outstandingly and are greatly recognized by enterprise.
  2. The college combines the engineering education of technology and management. Its unique professional advantage stands out among all other colleges of EECS in Taiwan.
  3. Our college has years of experience in teaching creative problem solving in the Department of Industrial Engineering. Alumni from all four departments have the best chance to gain abundant and successful experience in entrepreneurship. We have become the base for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship education.
  4. All four departments have attained internationally recognized accreditations from the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET), and the college is the first EECS college in Taiwan to have this merit.
Future Prospects

The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science aims at integrating creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship education. We have goals of becoming the cradle for profession managers with faith, hope, and love. In order to achieve this, we will focus on course planning, integration of departments, enhancement of academic research, and developing our contacts with alumni.