Title: Professor

Department: Department of Environmental Engineering


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Courses Taught:

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Control Engineering

Air Pollution Control and Management

Air Quality Management

Bioenvironmetal Engineering Seminar(II)

Biomedical Sensors and Experiment

Case Research and Analysis(I)

Case Research and Analysis(II)

Case Research and Analysis(III)

Curriculum design in environmental education

Design Approach to Air Pollution Control


Environment Chemistry

Environment Chemistry(I)

Environment Chemistry(II)

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Practice

Environmental Engineering Practice(II)

Environmental Engineering Practice(III)

Environmental Microbiology

Environmental Microbiology(I)

Environmental Microbiology(II)

Experiment of Environmental Engineering

General Biology

Green Technology Practice


ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Manageme

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

Industrial of Environmental Education

Industry Safety and Emergency Response

Instrumental Analysis

Integration of Energy and Resource Technologies

Introduction in Thesis Writing

Introduction to Bioenvironmental Engineering

Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Computer (I)

Introduction to Computer (II)

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences

Introduction to Industrial safety and hygiene

Kernel of Job Capability

Laboratory in Biology

Laboratory safety and hygiene

Microbial Engineering

Occupational Safety and Health

Reveal the Secret of Science Technology

Seminar (III)

Seminar (V)

Seminar (Ⅳ)

Seminar of Environmetal Engineering (II)

Seminar of Environmetal Engineering (I)



Special Research Topic (I)

Special Research Topic (II)

Special Topic in Bioenvironmental Engineering

Special Topic in Environmental Engineering

Special Topics in Environmental Engineering

Strategies on Sustainable Development for Non-Toxic Environment

Summer Engineering Practice

The Practice of Environmental Education