Title: Professor

Department: Department of Environmental Engineering


Publication: <Link>

Courses Taught:

Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment

Bioenvironmetal Engineering Seminar(II)

Bioenvironmetal Engineering Seminar(I)

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Case Research and Analysis(II)

Civil Engineering Seminar

Design Approach to Air Pollution Control

Engineering Graphics

Environment Microbiology

Environmental Biological Process

Environmental Biological Processes

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Practice(I)

Environmental Engineering Practice(II)

Environmental Engineering Practice(III)

Environmental Issue of Southeast Asia

Environmental Microbiology

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory

Environmental Molecular Biotechnology

Experiment of Environmental Engineering

Gene Cloning

Green Technology Practice

Hazardous Waste Treatment and Waste Reuse

Human and Environment

Introduction in Thesis Writing

Introduction to Civil Engineering

Relationship between Engineering and Livelihood

Renewable Water Resources Management

Reveal the Secret of Science Technology

Sanitary Engineering Design


Seminar (Geotechnical Division)

Seminar (III)

Seminar (V)

Seminar (Ⅳ)

Seminar of Environmetal Energy and Resource(II)

Seminar of Environmetal Energy and Resource(I)

Seminar of Environmetal Engineering (II)

Seminar of Environmetal Engineering (I)

Seminar( Environmental Engineering Division)



Special Research Topic

Special Research Topic (I)

Special Research Topic (II)

Special Topic in Environmental Engineering

Special Topic in Environmental Engineering(I)

Special Topic in Environmental Engineering(III)

Special Topics in Environmental Engineering

Special Topics on Environmental Research(III)

Special Topics on Environmental Research(IV)

Specific Topic of Membrane Technology

Technology of Solid Wastes Treatment

Urban Environment

Wastewater Engineering

Wastewater Engineering Design

Water Supply Engineering