College of Design - Undergraduate Program in Social Design
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The Degree of Social Design Program is composed by 3 major scopes: Senior Welfare, Sustainable Neighborhood Development and Design Entrepreneurship. It aiming to promote activities which are ethical, inclusive and beneficial to the public. The program also emphasizing on environmental conservation, sustainability, and a balanced social development. This program is opened for 1st to 2nd year undergraduate students and courses will be conducted in small class teaching mode with combining CYCU Design School’s five existing departments’ curriculum properly. This will ensure the integration of various fields of expertise and cultivating cross-disciplinary design talents significantly.


Aims of the degree program:

  • Making contribution to the society with essential cognition and attitude.
  • To establish an interdisciplinary learning environment.
  • Problem-based learning process as main strategies and priorities.
  • Holistic education as the core value.
  • Emphasizing primarily cultural learning background.


The Degree of Social Design Program is composed by 3 major scopes: Senior Welfare, Sustainable Neighborhood Development and Design Entrepreneurship, which covering the topics on healthy lifestyle, social caring, community development, and universal design.

  • Senior Welfare: Designing products to provide the needs/solve the problems of elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Sustainable Neighborhood Development: Create a sustainable and sufficient environment through environmental friendly material, food and design process.
  • Design Entrepreneurship: Transforming the designers ’ability and creativity into business values.

Future Prospects

  • Serving the needs of social development.
  • Establishing an interdisciplinary learning mode.
  • Achieving holistic education principles.


Major scopes Required Elective
Senior Welfare Graphic Drawing(I)
Graphic Drawing(II)
Computer Graphic Design(I)
Computer Graphic Design(II)
Graphic Technic
Design Principles(I)
Design Principles(II)
Introduction to Social Design
Social Design(I)
Social Design(II)
Social Design(III)
Social Design(IV)
Graduate Project(I)
Graduate Project(II)

Universal design
Life Caring Design
Interior Environment Planning
Elderly Housing Study
Human Factors Engineering
Environment Case Study
Lighting Design
Furniture Design

Sustainable Neighborhood Development Conservation & Reuse of Cultural Assets
Urban Cultural Landscape
Community Building & Public Participation
Living City
Design Creativity & Advertising Strategy
Curation design
Interior decoration
Edible Landscape
Introduction of Green Building
Cultural Landscape & Urban Space
Ecology & Culture
Design Entrepreneurship Integrated Marketing & Design
Video Production
Introduction to Design Methods
Communication Design
Marketing Planning
Product Design
Introduction to Interactive Design
Product Planning
Investigate Social Enterprise Project
Landscape Culture & Creative Industry


In terms of obtaining the Social Design Degree, the program requires 128 credits in total. The 38 credits are required for the compulsory courses and 44 credits are required for the optional professional courses. Additionally, 34 credits will be required for the selection of common compulsory subjects and 12 credits will be gained from other freely selected subjects.


Required  Credit Table
Graphic Drawing(I) 2
Graphic Drawing(II) 2
Computer Graphic Design(I) 2
Computer Graphic Design(II) 2
Graphic Technic 2
Chromatics 2
Design Principles(I) 3
Design Principles(II) 3
Introduction to Social Design 2
Social Design(I) 3
Social Design(II) 3
Social Design(III) 3
Social Design(IV) 3
Graduate Project(I) 3
Graduate Project(II) 3
Total 38