College of Business - Undergraduate Program in Business and Management

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Curriculum design of Undergraduate Program in Business and Management emphasizes "cross-disciplinary learning" and strengthens the training of business and management with full-time faculty and expertise of related departments in college of business. Curriculum design covers fourteen professional programs in five major business fields. Students of the program must obtain the courses of three programs in two professional fields to cultivate cross-disciplinary professionals of business and management.


This Program uphold holistic education that cultivates students cross-domain competence of the character, team and creative in the teaching strategy of business and management, multiculturalism and cross-disciplinary learning.


Build cross-disciplinary to cultivate students with the ability to face future life and world challenges.

Future Prospects

Students have the ability enough to face various complex and diverse issues all over the world after learning through multiple fields/subjects.


Category Credits
Basic Competence Must equal 6
Courses Required by the Program Must equal 31
Basic General Education Courses Required by University Must equal 14
Advanced General Education Elective Courses by University Must equal 14
Elective Courses by the Program (including professional elective courses) At least 51
Free Elective Courses At least 12
Total 128


Undergraduate Program in Business and Management provides professional courses from the professional faculties of the five departments (Department of Business and Administration, Department of International Business , Department of Accounting, Department of Information Management and Department of Finance) in college of Business. For a detailed list of faculties, please refer to the website of each department.