The Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library is a distinctive feature on campus. It had won the golden medal by the Journal of Chinese Architect and was awarded the Distinguished Architectural Design Award by the Taiwanese Provincial Government. The library is a six-floor building with 5 floors above ground level and 1 basement. The gross area of construction is about 11,900 square meters. It has 1,555 seats available. There is a “Multimedia Learning Center” which provides digital audio-visual materials and comfortable environment for students and staff to study, discuss and for other multiple purposes. The “Study Room” in the basement remains open until 1AM for students’ convenience.

The Library Committee was established for consulting the development of the library. There are three divisions in the Library, namely Acquisition and Cataloguing Division, Reader Services Division, and Information Systems Division. The library features large collections of “Christian literature and history” as well as “Design and Art” work. The entire library collection comprises over 820,000 volumes/items of books and audio-visual materials, 1,400 current journals and serials, as well as extensive electronic resources to support teaching, learning and research. The Library has finished renovating the old audio-visual room into the “Christian Culture and Literature Collection Center” , which now is home to many important ancient Christian records and relics and devotes to studies in Christian culture in Taiwan.

The Chang Ching Yu Memorial Library is also in the leading status of its software facilities among colleges and universities across Taiwan. In summer 2017, the Library upgraded its automation system to Sierra, which not only supports the Library’s daily workflows but also provides better integrated resource management, open access to data and more consistent user experience. Today, more than a million digital resources at the Library, such as online journals, databases and e-books, are filed into the electronic database. Students, staff and other library users can search across all the collections in the library on campus or off campus. They can also access the online databases worldwide through Sierra.

The Library has integrated EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) into the Library website to provide users an easy and coherent means of accessing all the information resources through a single search. The Library also provides electronic newsletters, arrival notices of new materials, and circulation notices. All the services mentioned above are integrated on the Library website-