College of Humanities and Education - Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
About US

Chung YuanUniversity is the forerunner of TCSL in Taiwan to offer Bachelor degree in this subject (2002). To enhance the academic excellence we believe that the continuity would guarantee research quality and strengthen background knowledge in the realm of Chinese language teaching. Therefore, in 2007, we began to run Master degree.

Based on the philosophy of “Holistic Education”, the aim of our faculty is to train students to be professionals in the field of Teaching Chinese as Second Language (TCSL). The structure of our courses is particularly designed for the needs of teachers of Chinese language. It covers from Chinese literature, education, linguistics, instructional technology to mass media. During their four years of training, our students would not only gain comprehensive knowledge in this area, but will also explore the differences amongst various types of culture.


  1. Trainingstudents to become Chinese language teachers with the ideas of HolisticEducation.
  2. Broadeningthe mind of the students to teach Mandarin overseas. Attracting Chineselanguage learners to come to Taiwan and obtaining the opportunity to promoteTaiwan? Chinese Education to the international community.


Our curriculum includes four main professionalfields. They are Chinese language and literature, Chinese Language education, appliedlinguistics, plus information technology and media. Students will be equippedwith these professionals and become a qualified Chinese language teacher withholistic literacy. Students can also develop their career in the related fieldof Chinese education Industry.

Future Prospects

Job Application
The undergraduate program focuses on training teachers for service in language centers, schools for international students, primary and secondary schools, civil servant positions, or as editors for teaching materials.
The M.A. program focuses on training students to become managers of TCSL institutes and research centers.

Further Study
Graduates of the undergraduate program can apply to M.A. programs for TCSL, Chinese studies, English, linguistics, education, diplomacy , digital learning ,etc.
Graduates of the M.A. program can apply to doctoral programs for TCSL and education in Taiwan or overseas.


Required Credits for Graduation
Minimum Credits for Graduation      128
Course Type Credits
1. General Core Courses 20
2. Professional Core Courses 63
3. Professional Elective Courses at least 16
4. Elective Courses for General Education 14
5. Other Elective Courses 15
Departmental Requirements for Graduation:
  • Students need to take one conversation course of the second foreign languages offered by our department. However it is optional for students who have passed the high-intermediate level of General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) and, in such cases they can take other courses to fulfill the credit requirement for graduation.
  • Students should achieve the requirement for foreign language of “The Certification Examination for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language” before graduation, or take second foreign language courses of least 8 credits.
  • All students have to complete the “Capstone Project”.
  • Undergraduate students need to have completed at least 36 hours of internship.


graduate Program

Required Credits for Graduation
Minimum Credits for Graduation    42
Course Type Credits
1. Professional Core Courses 12
2. Professional Elective Courses 24
3. Thesis 6
Departmental Requirements for Graduation
  • Graduate students need to have completed at least 72 hours of internship.
  • Foreign Language skills:

International Students : Chinese language proficiency should achieve TOCFL Level 4.
*TOCFL=Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language

  • Students have to attend at least two conferences and publish two papers.