Fees related to study at CYCU
Master degree seeking and doctoral degree seeking students, who are not awarded any scholarship
(For each semester)

for the first 2 years, for pursuing a doctoral degree, tuition and incidental fees will be charged. Students may be awarded scholarship, which is equivalent to the tuition fee. The scholarship recipients will be recommended by each department. From the 3rd degree, only the credit fees will be charged. However, if you have taken more than 10 credits, you still need to pay tuition and incidental fees. If you only stay for composing thesis, only student medical insurance fees will be charged.

Fees related to legal documents
Estimated Expenditure of Legal Documents to stay in Taiwan

Items Amount (NT$) Remark
Overseas Health Insurance Purchase For newly arrived international students, you need to wait for at least 6 months to be eligible to the National Health Insurance. Receiving any medical treatments in Taiwan without National Health Insurance will cost you huge amount of money.
An overseas health insurance purchase for the first 6 months in Taiwan is your own responsibility. We strongly recommend you to purchase before arriving in Taiwan.
National Health Insurance (NHI)
- 1st semester (for 6 months)
(NT$749 per month)
International students are eligilble to enroll in the NHI program after residing in Taiwan for at least 6 months.
National Health Insurance (NHI)
- 2nd semester (for 6 months)
(NT$749 per month)
You will pay from the 2nd semester. The expenses will be deducted from student’s account automatically.
Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) NT$1,000/ year respectively Apply for an ARC within fifteen days after arrival.
Photograph NT$300/ time For ARC or Student ID card - optional
Resident Visa NT$3,000/ year respectively If you enter Taiwan with a Tourists’ Visa - optional
Health Check NT$1,500/ year respectively If you enter Taiwan with a Tourists’ Visa - optional
**Please note that above items are subject to be changed without further notice.

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*For winter and summer vacation, please pay in the cashier office and submit the receipt to your dormitory manager.

Living in CYCU

Other Fees (For one semester) NTD Note:
Computer Lab Fee 1,500 All freshmen will be charged. From the 2nd year, whether or not the fees charged will depend on different departments.
Fee for Language Lab courses and exams 600 Freshmen only
Student Medical Insurance 165  
Health Check 530 Freshmen and the 3rd year students only
Living Expanse (per month) 5,000~8,000 Depends on the individual/Usually around NT$120~150 per day

Financial Aids & Scholarship

Scholarship (Graduate)
Scholarship information

Applicable for Students enrolled by 2016 Spring Term :

  1. Stipends for International Graduate Students:
    Students Working on Master`s Degree: at most NT$12,000/month for 5 months per semester for no more than one year.
    Students Working on Ph.D. Degree: at most NT$15,000/month for 5 months per semester for no more than two years.
    Due to highly competitiveness, only qualified applicants will be granted for the stipend.
    Graduate students may also receive from their academic department/college additional stipends on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Scholarship for students pursuing undergraduate degrees
    For overseas and international students who enrolled by 2016 Spring Term, a scholarship with NT$24,000 can be apply while you are applying for CYCU. Required documents:
    1. Scholarship Application Form
    2. Other certificates

For the subsequent semesters, the students must be within the top 40% of their department academically to receive stipends continuously. It should be noted that the scholarship will be provided to the qualified students, based on the availability of the fund allocated for international undergraduate scholarship.

Taiwan Scholarship
Elite Study in Taiwan

Programs with courses offered in English Programs with courses offered in Chinese

All courses offered from our undergraduate programs are lectured in Chinese. If you would like to apply for our undergraduate programs, the Chinese capability required is TOP (Test Of Proficiency – Huayu) Level 3 or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Level 6. If you don’t have TOP or HSK, please submit any statement to prove that your previous schools are lectured in Chinese.

CYCU_Online Application

On-line Application Website:
If you are new to our application and haven’t had an account, please click on the button below to register for a new account.

Dear International Students,
Greetings from the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) ! We are very pleased to learn that you are interested in our programs including International PhD Programs, Graduate Programs or Undergraduate Programs.

We are in the process of starting next semester`s enrollment.
Spring term opens for PhD program and Graduate Programs(except IMBA)
Fall term opens for PhD Programs, Graduate Programs and Undergraduate Programs.

We only accept your admission application through this on-line application system.(http://ias.cycu.edu.tw)
From July 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013, the on-line application system open for Spring term (class start from Feb, 2014)
From December 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014, the on-line application system open for Fall term(class start from September 2014)

After completing the on-line application system, please submit hardcopy of the required application documents through post before the October 31, 2013 for the Spring Term (class start from Feb, 2014) and before the end of April 30, 2014 for the Fall term (class start from Sep, 2014)

All the applicants are required to go through the on-line application system, upload all the required documents to this on-line application system and submit the hardcopy of application materials to:
Office of International and Cross-Strait Education
Chung Yuan Christian University
200 Chung Pei Rd., Chungli 32023 Taiwan, R.O.C.

If you have any enquires, please feel free to contact:
Rebecca (chchiu@cycu.edu.tw) Telephone: +886-3-265-1703
Phyllis (hueili@cycu.edu.tw) Telephone: +886-3-265-1702
Your admission application will fail, if you haven’t completed the on-line application system and submitted the hardcopy of application materials to Office of International Affairs, Taiwan.

Why Choose CYCU?

Reasons for Choosing CYCU
CYCU is a university that emphasizes not only academic research performances but also characterization of holistic personality. During the past fifty years, CYCU already has nearly seventy-eight thousand alumni. Many of our alumni members are now excellent leaders or workers in their distinct professional fields and they are ranked outstanding both in the professional and teamwork performance by general industrial companies in Taiwan. From the annual university evaluation by the Ministry of Education, we are awarded an excellent university during the past seven years. In addition, we are the only private university that received excellence in all the six evaluation aspects, including Research, Teaching, Extensive Education, Accounting and Administration and Project and Execution, in 2004.Some records are listed below:

  • The only private university ranked “Top 10 EMBA in Taiwan”.
  • The only private university supported by NSC in National Science & Technology Program for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.
  • The only private university awarded “Best Innovation and Incubation Center ”by MOEA for continuous 4 years.
  • Awarded “Good Universities in Student Counseling” by CGA.
  • Research results are assessed “Excellent” by MOE for continuous 5 years.
  • Selected by TSMC in the first priority of recruitment.

CYCU welcomes you so much
We provide the following services for international students.
Curriculum Counseling:

  • Multiple classes are open in the summer session.
  • Counseling rooms for general courses such as calculus and physics are open and selected teaching assistants are ready to help anyone every day.
  • Special classes such as Chinese, English, mathematics and history related courses are open for international students.

General Counseling:

  • Orientation at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Free accommodation of school dormitory during the winter and summer vacation.
  • Scholarships and Samarian Supplementary for international students with documents showing financial demands.
  • Part-time work opportunities particularly for international students.
  • Departmental advisors visiting during studying period.
  • Regular workshops for international students to share their experiences.

Fantastic Activities:

  • Banquet at the Chinese New year.
  • Get-together parties at various folk festivals.
  • Pick-up service from the airport at the first arrival.
  • Regular meetings to build up each other’s friendship.
  • Athletic activities.
  • Outdoor trips such as hiking or sightseeing.

Testimony, 2011 ( International Students )

Native Language English
Indonesia-1 Indonesia-1
Indonesia-2 Indonesia-2
Indonesia-3 Indonesia-3
Japan Japan
Korea Korea
Mongolia Mongolia
Nepal Nepal
Philippine-1 Philippine-1
Philippine-2 Philippine-2
Philippine-3 Philippine-3
Vietnam-1 Vietnam-1
Vietnam-2 Vietnam-2
Vietnam-3 Vietnam-3
Philippine Students` Website: http://first101.zapto.org/first/index.php/about-us/objective
Testimony, 2011 ( Exchange Students from Mainland China )

Ge, ling SouthEast University Feng, wei Shanghai Jianqiao College Wang, miao Tianjin university
Tian, xianxian Beijing Union University Lei, xiaowen Wang, jian bang
Feng, wenjie
Yin, tongtong
Liu, xiaoxu Beijing Institute of Technology Liu, ruifeng Hu, yun
Ping, li Zhang, zenan Li, bo
Li, xueyao Hang, zhengqi Si, letian Huaqiao University
Gao, ning Xie, siming Lin, junyi
Dong, dai Luo, dan Shaanxi Normal University Wang,lingli
Gao, yan Zhang, chengming You, yi bing
Liu, ruijia Wang, zilan Li, min Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Duan, litian Sun, qian Han, fangxuan
Xu, tingting Huazhong University of Science and Technology Li, jiarong Zhang, silu
Chen, weijun Shanghai Jianqiao College Li, luying South China University of Technology Zheng, weiqi Wuhan University
Wang, kai Wu, di Song, jinjing
Chen, weiqi Ruan, yujun Luo, lingzi
Liao, feng Peng, wen  

Testimony, 2010 ( International Students )
Hariyanto Gunawan( from Indonesia)
Truong Man Linh( from Vietnam )

Contact us

Office of International and Cross-Strait Education
Chung Yuan Christian University
200 Chung Pei Rd., Chung Li District,
Taoyuan City, 32023 Taiwan, R.O.C
Email: oia@cycu.edu.tw
Website: http://oia.cycu.edu.tw

Yan Wu
 (Postgraduate Programs)
Christy Mai
(Undergraduate Programs)
Tel: +886-3-265-1715
Email: yan@cycu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-3-265-1716
Email: maihochia@cycu.edu.tw