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Starting August 1, 2009, the PhD Program of Management will change its name to PhD Program in Business.Initially, the University`s competencies are under the School of Engineering. Complementing this expertise, the School of Business is improving its curriculum to become academically competitive in academic business.

The school is also starting to internationalize its programs to gain more capabilities and competitiveness from its students. The program also aims to broaden the social influence of CYCU through the emphasis on holistic education and professional ethics, in order to contribute to the long term economic needs of the country.

The mission of the College of Business` PhD Program is to provide a higher learning environment that will cultivate business educators and practitioners to improve professional practice and research potentials.


To educate students to become excellent local and international management professionals who possess both fundamental knowledge and technical know-how prepared to face the globalized business environment.

To train students to be academically-driven and socially-aware individuals who exemplify leadership and ethical character devoted to practicing holistic education.

To provide rigorous and relevant research geared towards serving the school and the community in the global economy.


Established in 2001, Ph.D. Program in Business (Formerly Ph.D. Program in Graduate School of Management and renamed in 2009) meets the demands of promoting industrial competitiveness in conjunction with national economic development and as a member of World Trade Organization (WTO). With solid foundation in engineering and science, we hope to improve the reputation and research standards of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) in the business field. The goal of this program is to extend the reach and to deepen the root of teaching in business through the cultivation of talents, and at the same time broaden the social influence of CYCU through the emphasis on Holistic Education and professional ethics, so as to provide an exceptional higher learning environment and contribute to the long term economic needs of the country.

The education philosophy of Ph.D. Program in Business aims to cultivate the “Four-Equilibrium” of Holistic Education and strictly abides by the ethics norms, and dedicates in teaching and research to cultivate high rank managers’ required by government agencies, education circles, and industrial sectors. The “Four-equilibrium” covers: equilibrium of professional and general knowledge, equilibriums of character and education culture, equilibrium of individuals and groups, and equilibrium of the body, mind, and soul.

Future Prospects

Orientation and Development Direction
The Educational Mission of the Ph.D. Program is to cultivate our students with outstanding experience in teaching, quality research and high-level managerial capability in the business field.

It is based on the premise that there are substantial benefits to major/minor structure in developing analytic and research skills. The structure will provide students with conceptual tools from which they can generate their research undertakings. Individually tailored, the program includes a series of challenging courses, research opportunities, and a preparatory stage before defending their thesis on an original topic. At present, this program offers four (4) key specializations:

  1. International Economics and Trade
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Accounting
  4. Information and Management
The courses of the Ph.D. program listed in the following table can be used to understand the overall curriculum schedule and total credit hours requirement for graduation.


PhD program in Business provides professional courses from the professional faculties of the four departments (Department of International Business, Department of Accounting, Department of Information Management and Department of Finance) in college of Business. For a detailed list of faculties, please refer to the website of each department.