Professor In-Ming Lee


  1. Ph.D. at Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Cheng Chi University(NCCU) (1982-1985)


  1. Vice President, China University of Science and Technology. (2009.8.1~2014.7.31)
  2. Distinguished Professor, NCCU. (2008.8.1~2011.1.31)
  3. Acting Chair, Graduate Institute of Russian Studies, NCCU. (2007.8.1~2008.1.31)
  4. Dean, College of International Affairs, NCCU. (2005.8.1~2009.7.31)
  5. Chair, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, NCCU. (2003.8.1~2005.7.31)
  6. Professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, NCCU. (1991.8.1~2011.1.31)
  7. Associate professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, NCCU. (1986.10.1~1991.7.31)


  1. Committee member of International Affairs Committee of Taipei City Government (2011.6.1~2013.5.31)
  2. Consultant of Straits Exchange Foundation (2009.3.1~2012.12.31)
  3. Consultant of Executive Yuan
  4. Committee member of Research Development Evaluation Commission

Research Interests

  1. Cross-strait relation
  2. China studies
  3. Social Capital
  4. Globalization

Professor Meng-Hui Li


  1. Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, U.S.A.(1984)
  2. MS in Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, U.S.A.(1981)
  3. BS in Chemical Engineering, Tunghai University, Taiwan.(1976)


  1. Vice President, CYCU. (2018.8.1~)
  2. Secretary General, CYCU. (2018.8.1~)
  3. Dean of Engineering College, CYCU. (2012.8.1~2017.7.31)
  4. Dean of Continuing Education Center, CYCU.(1997.8.01~1999.7.31)
  5. Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering Dept., CYCU.(1992.8.1~1995.7.31)
  6. Professor of Chemical Engineering Dept., CYCU.(1992.8.1~)
  7. Associate Professor of Chemical Eng. Dept., CYCU.(1987.8.1~1992.7.31)

Research Awards

  1. Distinguished Professorship,CYCU, Taiwan.(2018)
  2. Distinguished Professorship,CYCU, Taiwan.(2015)
  3. The Outstanding Research Award, ,CYCU, Taiwan.(2013)
  4. Distinguished Professorship,CYCU, Taiwan.(2012)
  5. The Outstanding Research Award, ,CYCU, Taiwan.(2010)
  6. The Professor Yen-Ping Shih Best Paper Award, Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers.(2010)
  7. The First Place Best Paper (16th ASEAN Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering (RSCE), Manila, Philippines, December 1-2.(2009)
  8. The Outstanding Research Paper,Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers.( 2007)

Research Interests

Thermophysical, kinetics, and transport properties measurements and correlation development:

  1. Carbon Dioxide absorption: properties measurements (thermophysical, kinetics, and transport properties) and correlation developments. Carbon dioxide absorbents: (a) alkanolamines, (b) ionic liquids, and (c) deep eutectic solvents.
  2. Properties of desiccants, mixed solvents systems: aqueous glycols with salts.

Potential Application of Research

The results of the research are thermodynamics properties measurements for CO2 absorption. Thus, the measured thermodynamics, chemical reaction kinetics and transport properties for CO2 absorbents can be used as the basic design data for CO2 absorption process design calculations.