The Office of Student Affairs, with the spirit of ‘dedicating itself sincerely, acting with goodwill, and seeking perfection,’ engages in student affairs in every aspect. Pursuing the aim of achieving spiritual growth as an earnest and grateful doer, the Office is devoted to making students love both themselves and others, hold a firm belief in justice, develop a cosmopolitan outlook, demonstrate activeness and self-discipline, and maintain the university’s good tradition: ‘Trust and Act.’ The Office of Student Affairs consists of the following divisions:

Student Advising Division

The philosophy of theStudent Advising Division is to ‘show concern for students, engage in character building, create a friendly campus, and provide quality services.’ To follow the philosophy, the Division addresses the needs of currently enrolled CYCU students, assists them in overcoming their difficulties in life, helps them develop good habits and moral character, maintains the campus safety and peace, builds a quality and friendly learning environment, works hard with empathy, and provides good services with care.

Extracurricular Activities Division

The main duty of the Extracurricular Activities Division is to support student groups in the hope that through study, discussions, competitions, and inter-university exchanges, students may enjoy a full life at university and broaden horizons. In addition, students are offered opportunities to develop their creativity, activeness, leadership, and competitiveness through extracurricular learning activities. Students are also encouraged to be involved in citizen participation, service-learning, project planning and implementation, and social interaction, all of which are essential to holistic education.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center, also known as the ‘Home of Balloon Plants,’ was established as a spiritual harbor where students are provided with holistic concern and treated with love and care. With a team of professional counselors, the Center provides individual and group counseling and diverse and lively mental health activities. Theme-oriented counseling week programs and potential development projects are launched on a regular basis. Meanwhile, class meetings, lectures, and workshops are conducted to increase students’ knowledge of mental health and boost their inner strength.

Health Services Division

Focusing on health care, the Health Services Division wishes to provide the CYCU faculty, staff and students with a healthy environment, health teaching, and health services. The Division particularly works on enhancing the quality of medical services, promoting medical education, improving the health and safety of the campus, and providing education on food nutrition and hygiene in the hope of making the University a healthy place for living, study, and work.

Study in Taiwan students and Dormitory Division

Study in Taiwan students and Dormitory Division provides guidance and services for international students and university accommodation residents, manages on-campus student accommodation, offers off-campus housing search information and services, and visits off-campus student residents.

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center aims to increase the university competitiveness, provide employment and career counseling services, and make students well prepared for and properly deal with what they may be faced with after graduation, such as the problems with society, personal development, career development, and employment. The main duties include: developing the career mentoring system, organizing job fairs, implementing the internship system, planning and managing the CYCU Job Bank website, and conducting employer satisfaction surveys and graduate destination surveys.

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