The Office of Student Affairs, with the spirit of ‘dedicating itself sincerely, acting with goodwill, and seeking perfection,’ engages in student affairs in every aspect. Pursuing the aim of achieving spiritual growth as an earnest and grateful doer, the Office is devoted to making students love both themselves and others, hold a firm belief in justice, develop a cosmopolitan outlook, demonstrate activeness and self-discipline, and maintain the university’s good tradition: ‘Trust and Act.’ The Office of Student Affairs consists of the following divisions:

Student Advising Division

The philosophy of the Student Advising Division is to ‘show concern for students, engage in character building, create a friendly campus, and provide quality services.’ To follow the philosophy, the Division addresses the needs of currently enrolled CYCU students, assists them in overcoming their difficulties in life, helps them develop good habits and moral character, builds a quality and friendly learning environment, works hard with empathy, and provides good services with care.

International and Mainland Students Advising Division

International and Mainland Students Advising Division is dedicated to serve overseas students in their living as well as learning. We support and strengthen their connections with the CYCU community through holistic concern including personal counseling, living service, care giving, service learning and cross-cultural activities. Enhancing a vibrant international community is our goal.

Student Housing Service Division

Student Housing Service Division is in charge of providing students the guidance and service for in-campus housing and off-campus housing. Through our dormitory committee, we also hold the activities of character education for resident students, offer off-campus housing information on the school website, and pay regular visits to off-campus resident students for housing safety evaluation. We aim to reinforce the housing quality for the students, develop the student’s autonomy, and provide them the better safety life and environment for learning.

Indigenous Students Resource Center

The missions of Indigenous Students Resource Center are indigenous resource integration, students learning and living assistance. The center provides resource counseling and indigenous culture activities. Indigenous students can get the information they need from the center. In addition, they can enhance their knowledge of indigenous culture through a variety of activities held by the center.

Center for Service and Learning

The Center for Service and Learning supports academic service-learning projects and courses in Chung Yuan Christian University.

Based on the five basic principles: passion, creativity, profession, caring and learning, it is our mission to engage and equip our students, faculty and staff and our community partners in service that benefits the university and its surrounding community. The center also sponsors a variety of international service mission trips and projects.

Through the integration of the professional practices, innovative researches and rich resources, the Center continuously and systematically promotes service-learning courses and projects.

John Dewey’s “learning by doing” theory and the famous phrase “set an example by personally taking part” are two major concepts advocated by the Center for achieving the holistic education goal in Chung Yuan.