The Office of Research and Development is divided into three sections: University Planning & Development Division, Research Services Division and Competitiveness Development Center. The office also established the Tai-Chang Equipment Center. In accordance with the Excellent University developmental policies, the office has actively grown into a research unit with high academic standards.

For a university to pursue excellence, it needs not only distinctive research areas, but also systematic approaches to cultivate research talents. The pursuit of excellence also calls for strong links among teaching, research, and industrial-academic cooperation. CYCU emphasizes the importance of developing distinctive research areas and cultivating research talents. Industrial-academic cooperation is our endeavor to contribute to society and the nation’s economy.

Due to limited resources of a private university, the office’s strategy is to gather the limited resources available to us and employ them for the development of CYCU’s most promising areas of research: membrane technology and Biomedical technology. This strategy will lead other research areas in moving forward, thus cultivating and retaining research talents. The strategy should then lead to the overall development in research for CYCU to become a top-notch international university.

Our three developmental principles include building research environments, enhancing research achievements, and strengthening academic excellence. Research accomplishments will be used to build the foundation of regulations in research rewards, research project funding, academic unit funding, and academic improvement activities.

The Office of Research and Development also collaborates closely with the Executive Operation Center for Industrial-Academic Cooperation at CYCU. The office actively promotes the applications of the research conducted by utilizing the outstanding strengths of CYCU. The office also inspires innovation, research output, and operation performance as to become a top-notch university.