The Office of Military Education handles tasks including military education, counseling, human resources, and logistics. The current primary task is teaching military knowledge and promoting civilian defense education. The secondary task is to provide assistance to colleges, departments, class advisors, and the Office of Student Affairs in the area of student counseling. The office has its vision set on an educational system that emphasizes intellect and martial skills. The office implements the ideal of national defense for all citizens. The office hopes to develop youngsters into intelligent and courageous individuals that are of value to the nation.

Military education, student counseling, and campus safety must improve continuously. Educational efficiency can be assured only if we adapt to changes in the military systems and the needs of a diverse society. We should face our students with love, patience, and empathy. It is important to put ourselves in the shoes of the students. It is also important to place importance on students’ character development and self-esteem. Furthermore, it is also of importance to accept new ideas and new methods as to enhance the teaching of national defense to all citizens. Consequently, this can lead to a higher overall efficiency in student counseling and campus safety. These ideas can serve as the foundation for an education that emphasizes the integration of intellect and martial skills.
The goals of the Military Education Office include:

  1. Inspire patriotism in the students to maintain national security
  2. Expand students’ competency in military knowledge to accomplish the ideal of the integration of intellect and martial skills.
  3. Broaden students’ perspectives in national defense to implement civilian defense.
  4. Develop good living habits to develop good moral character.
  5. Maintain campus safety to ensure student safety.