"Bring the world to Chung Yuan; take Chung Yuan to the world," is the motto of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education.

The Office of International and Cross-Strait Education is responsible for a series of international activities: the collaboration and cultural exchanges with the educational institutions in mainland China and foreign countries, and the promotion of overseas education programs and overseas student recruitments. At the same time, we are providing numerous administrative supports for academic exchanges, reception events for international guests, English-learning activities held for CYCU students, together with the international academic events and camps held by schools and departments. We also provide due assistance for international faculty and students.

Our objective for future development is to promote Chung Yuan's exchanges with the experts and scholars from Americas, Europe, Asia, and mainland China by our goodwill and by our extraordinary academic achievements. We want to bring a variety of opportunities of international exchange programs to our students and to attract international students and mainland China students to come to study at CYCU with effective advertising strategies. Targeting the schools located in Europe, the United States, Japan, S. Korea, New Zealand, Australia, mainland China, South East Asia, etc., we are making efforts in building a network for short-term international collaborative programs, recruiting short-term overseas interns and exchange students, inviting the students from our sister schools or other international schools for cultural exchanges, adding more schools which have cooperation with us, and exploring opportunities for students to participate in various overseas internships and cultural exchanges.

In order to build CYCU into a more internationalized campus, the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education is assisting Chung Yuan in the planning of recruiting international exchange students and degree-seeking students (including undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. students).

Chung Yuan encourages students to learn foreign languages and to take on overseas study programs as much as they can. Consequently, Chung Yuan constantly injects innovative ideas to its curriculum so that more courses offered in English and free English-learning programs will be made available to students for their benefits as far as internationalization of them is concerned. In the meantime, we have assisted to promote international accreditations, such as the facts that all engineering disciplines have been accredited by Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET, which is a signatory of Washington Accord) and all business disciplines have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Moreover, to provide incentives for international students to study at CYCU, we offer helps and financial stipends to qualified overseas Taiwanese students, mainland China students, and other international students to study-abroad at CYCU and to quickly adapt to the local environment in Taiwan.

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