The Office of General Affairs thrives for building a co-working team providing professional, efficient, innovative and sustainability-oriented services to the campus. Our mission statement is that with every bit of our efforts we satisfy the needs of other departments and units by integrating administrative resources and help improve and enhance the campus and academic environment with innovative planning, comprehensive service and detailed management. In addition to providing optimal services to faculties and students, we aim at streamlining administrative procedures, enhancing efficiency, providing digitalized operation, and fulfilling cost-effective management so that we are able to deliver well-rounded coordination and services.

In terms of the hardware and facilities in the campus, we are devoted to ensure the construction quality and the cleanliness of surrounding environment, and to enhance our repairing management. We want to continue our improvement of the public space in the campus so that we can bring an eco-friendly and energy-saving campus to all. In the software infrastructure, we are going to prescribe management guidelines for various kinds of issues. We will carry out these guidelines by stages through public promotion, demonstration events and participation from all faculties and students. Our goal is to establish a fresh and comfortable environment. For the present stage, the goals of the Office of General Affairs are described as below:

  1. To amend the related regulations on regular basis in accordance with social changes and the development of Chung Yuan Christian University. By doing so we would like to ensure efficiency and quality control.
  2. To improve the campus landscape and the maintenance, and to tidy up the the entire ecological structure, green space system, and public facilities in the campus making Chung Yuan as a role model school of holistic education.

The Office of General Affairs is conducting a project of process re-engineering. The execution is based on three main axles: (1) establishing Campus Planning Team, (2) expanding Project Consultation Team, and (3) setting up Project Management Team. With space standards announced by the Ministry of the Education and departmental basic space needs as reference, we plan to establish a project office as an exclusive area for professors channeling in research projects, which would help increase the turnover rate of space and the income sources for Chung Yuan. The Office of General Affairs will prescribe a three-year plan based on the current campus infrastructure to enhance the campus facilities in the future.