Based on Chung Yuan Christian University’s philosophy of holistic education, Office of Continuing Education set lifelong holistic education and holistic lifelong education as its mission. By integrating all teaching resources available within the university, Office of Continuing Education provides a great variety of courses and training to people of all ages.

Office of Continuing Education offers more than 2,000 courses every year. The total number of course hours exceeds 40,000. More than 20,000 students enroll in various courses throughout the year. Using the industry-academia cooperation model, Office of Continuing Education strives to accomplish the mission of developing professional skills of enterprising talents, raising the knowledge level of the citizens, and enhancing the holistic qualities of society.

Office of Continuing Education integrates teaching resources from the seven colleges at CYCU and offers credit courses at the master’s level and the undergraduate level. In addition to providing citizens the opportunity to take college level courses without having to enroll in the degree program, the office also plans specific non-degree programs and EMBA programs tailored to the particular needs of the government or different businesses.

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Department cooperates with Mandarin Learning Center closely. Mandarin Learning Center executes projects in overseas Chinese teacher education programs, Chinese as a second language programs, practical Chinese conversation programs for non-native Chinese speakers, and educational tours in Taiwan for overseas compatriots.

Office of Continuing Education offers an excellent roster of instructors from various professional fields. The center provides courses in foreign languages, computer technology, design, financial management, business administration, entrepreneurship, culinary arts, sports, dance, crafts, art, music, childcare, counseling, physical sciences, engineering, technology, character development, spiritual studies, and professional improvement. The versatile courses offered are professional and practical in the daily life.