The name “Chung Yuan Christian University” explains itself sufficiently. It is a (Christian) university built according to Christianity and the Bible principles. The Chaplain`s Office was established for this reason. We care, counsel, and provide comfort to all students and faculties who are in doubt or facing challenges in their lives.

We serve about 16,000 students and 900 faculty members in the university. Such a huge harvest land relies on many enthusiastic and devoted Christian faculties and students to sustain the services. From now on, the office will continue to evangelize and create an environment full of love and care according to the vision of holistic education. We aim to lead our faculties and students to pursue the meaning of life and build a religious one. They shall role model Jesus Christ to honor God and benefit others.

The office provides two required courses for undergraduate students: “Philosophy of Life” and “Philosophy of Religion”. We invite professional Christian lecturers to inspire students to think about the value and meaning of life. Hopefully, students will understand the significant impact that religious belief can bring to life and realize that God’s will help them establish a correct philosophy of life.

There are various fellowships for students and staffs alike. The members are encouraged to share their testimony with others and cooperate with other churches, institutes and Christian clubs.

During every semester, the office will hold around 9 to 10 seminars, 4 to 6 concerts (some are especially for foreign students), Gospel Camp for students, Mother’s Day chorus contest, blood donation, Passion Week Holy Communion, Christmas Lighting and other celebration of all kinds. All these activities are meant to inspire faculties and students to explore the belief and the meaning of life.