Office of Academic Affairs operates based on the principle of “high quality academic services” to establish an interactive environment as well as a caring “Friendly Campus”, to promote the development of “teaching and learning” in order to reach the goal of teaching excellence. Its subsidiaries include “Center for Outreach and Recruiting,” “Curriculum and Registration Division,” “Center for Learning Enhancement,” “Center for Teaching Excellence,” “Center for Science and Humanity Education,” “Teaching Center for Professional Ethics,” and “Office for Teaching and Learning Excellent,” and their responsibilities are illustrated as follows:

Center for Outreach and Recruiting

In order to create multiple opportunities for school admission and independent recruitment, we admit students who are dedicated to learning and advocate the principles of Chung Yuan Christian University. Also we set the goal of “standardizing admission process,” “electronizing admission affairs,” and “humanizing admission Service,” to deal with admission affairs of undergraduates and postgraduates based on concepts of fairness, openness and justice.

Curriculum and Registration Division

We have held education concepts of “realizing one’s potential is success,” and “love is the dominating power of education,” for improving education quality and student learning efficiency, in order to realize students’ potential while transferring to other departments; to promote double major, minor and interdisciplinary programs; to encourage students applying for duel bachelor-master degrees, as well as transferring from Master’s to Doctoral Program without Completing Master’s Requirements in order to be more efficient in studies; to extend summer course programs to improve extended graduation; to develop a concise process of academic affairs in order to create high-quality digital teaching and learning environment; to integrate student learning resources in order to improve the quality and quantity of e-teaching in order to materialize the goal of electronize information in all perspectives.

Center for Learning Enhancement

We lay the emphasis on two dimensions concerning students’ “learning improvement and assessment,” and “curriculum development and evaluation.” These two themes include outcome-oriented learning, learning strategies implementation, and students’ learning efficiency assessment and provide “adequacy” and “multichannel” in learning programs for students at various learning stages. Also, they are targeted at establishing multi-functional “student learning base” to create a specific environment for students’ independent learning so as to motivate them dedicated in learning and to develop their future development potential. In addition, they are meant to institutionalize curriculum standards, to realize reviews on indexes of students core abilities, to reinforce the connection between curriculum and core abilities, to master curriculum maps, and to integrate curriculum reconstructing so as to connect to practical needs in order to secure the mechanism of students’ learning efficiency.

Center for Teaching Excellence

Based on teachers’ development and needs, we look at two perspectives, including “teacher professional development” and “teaching technology and digital materials.” We provide various development support, such as subsidies for teaching development, English teaching improvement, learning community, collaborative teaching, teaching rewards, flexible wages. We also provide environments for teacher professional development, such as consulting rooms, professional teaching studio, SNG video classroom, teaching video editing rooms, and professional digital recording rooms. We also offer i-learning as a learning management system and E-portfolio to support teaching and learning.

Science and Humanities Education Development Center

CYCU cooperates with senior high schools to gain beneficial relations of “Quality High School, Quality University.” Currently we are working on four dimensions, “teacher development, student learning, campus service, and key features in colleges.” We mainly deal with activities related to working with high schools, MOE regional teaching and resource integration plan, regional student excellence plan, university marketing program and implementation, and University Expos.

Teaching Center for Professional Ethics

The educational goals of Chung Yuan Christian University are to cultivate students to be Intellectuals with noble characters and professional knowledge. Teaching Center for Professional Ethics was established with the missions to develop professional ethics courses, cultivate professional ethics course instructors, facilitate multimedia learning material development, and carry out course-teaching evaluations in the University. From 2015, the professional ethics courses were set to be the required core courses of general education courses in all colleges.

Office for Teaching and Learning Excellent

Its mission consists of two main aspects: to "facilitate the resources integration of teaching and learning enhancement" and to "facilitate the oversight and evaluation of the plan of teaching and learning enhancement." Its purposes are to promote the overall subsidy program, help all units to perfect their teaching and learning enhancement mechanism, and facilitate the integration, linkage, innovation, and diffusion of resources, in accord with our University's medium term development plan. At the same time, it will actively strive for the funding of projects concerning improving teaching excellence from the Ministry of Education to perfect the oversight and evaluation system of related plans, including plan application, funding implementation, and achievement report, to ensure the quality and effects of the implementation, and thus effectively enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

In the future we will integrate our education principles as well as MOE policies and start with developing and carrying out students’ potential in the hope of molding talents in new generations with “characteristics, profession, creativity, international vision.” At the same time, our school can go on a sustainable way leading to the direction of “excellent sustainable mechanism, talent advantage, high employability, important higher-education university” and create sustainable values.