The mission of our office is to serve CYCU alumni, to build up strong and warm connects between school and alumni and to manage donation affairs in terms of:

  1. We provide instantaneous and warm serves for CYCU alumni all over the world.
  2. We make arrangements CYCU annual celebration every the 2nd week in October to connect affection of CYCU alumni.
  3. We deal with donation affairs coming from CYCU alumni for scholarships, campus building and students urgent assistance.
  4. We drive innovative fundraising campaigns to enhance fundraising performance, encouraging distinguished alumni and unifying their strength to contribute the development of CYCU.
Currently, there are 29 alumni associations domestically and internationally; they are located in USA/Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and Vietnam. The number of alumni is more than 120,000.

Future Strategies:

  1. Modify and accurate alumni database.
  2. Provide diversity services to CYCU alumni.
  3. Establish new division of CYCU alumni in other countries.
  4. Strengthen links between each CYCU alumni division and CYCU.
  5. Promote theme fundraising activities with various fundraising options.