College of Engineering - Master of International Program of Chemical Engineering and Material Science

About US

International Program of Chemical Engineering and Material Science is to cultivate excellent chemical engineers who possess top notch professional skills and creativity. In order to excel in their future career, we especially emphasize on the integrity, work ethics and endurance of our students. The solid training of our curriculum and examples set by our faculty members are a vital part of this program. These, along with the open yet self-disciplined atmosphere of CYCU campus, guarantees the development of ingenious minds who will lead the industry, society and future innovations.

International Program of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science of¬fers a large selection of courses in various special¬ized areas. The Chemical Engineering Department has 18 faculty members engaged in graduate teaching and research., Moreover, the members received many prominent awards such as, National Chair Professorship, Academic Award of Ministry of Education, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Outstanding Research Award of Ministry of Science and Technology, and Distinguished Teaching Award of CYCU.



In order to fulfill our mission as an excellent academic institute and to cultivate top-quality chemical engineers and scholars, the primary objectives are set as follow: Prepare students for solid foundation of professionalism and lifelong, self-motivated learning capability to stand out in fast changing modern technology.

Expected capabilities:

  1. Graduated students should possess solid understandings of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
  2. Graduated students can utilize modern information technology and direct their knowledge toward solving complex problems.
  3. Graduated students can analyze micro- and macro- aspects in wide spectras of mass-energy balance and transport phenomena.
  4. Graduated students can examine the current trend of modern industry and adapt to novel ideas.
  5. Graduated students should devote to their lifelong quest toward better knowledge and welfare of the society.

Teach students vigorously to affiliate with indigenous practice and quest for authenticity in order to fortify multi-disciplinary cooperation and learning motivation.
  1. Graduated students should be able to plan and execute projects to show their proper management skills.
  2. Graduated students should possess capabilities to carry out system analysis and process design.
  3. Graduated students should be prepared for data mining, statistical analysis , oral and document presentation skills.
  4. Graduates students should bear in mind the general safety and hazardous environmental regulations.
  5. Graduated students should take responsibility and enjoy group-working environment.

Cultivation of solid integrity, work ethic and positive thinking toward future career and challenges.
  1. Graduated student should understand the professional responsibility and ethics.
  2. Graduated students should reckon engineers’ role and moral obligation in modern society.
  3. Graduated students should possess good communication and negotiation skills.
  4. Graduated students should be familiar with modern world issues and communicate using foreign languages.


Each master student must complete at least 24 credits of coursework plus 6 credits of master’s thesis.


Name Title Email
Chyang, Chien- Song Distinguished Professor.
Li, Meng- Hui Distinguished Professor.
Chuang, Ching- Jung Professor
Chung, Tsair- Wang Distinguished Professor.
Chen, Jung- Hui Professor
Wei ,Ta- Chin Associate Professor
Wu, Jui- Chuang Associate Professor
Chang, Yung  Distinguished Professor.
Lee, Kueir- Rarn Distinguished Professor.
Chen, Chih- Chi Associate Professor
Chen, Yu- Shao Associate Professor
Lin, Yi- Feng Professor
Antoine Venault Associate Professor
Liu, Wei- Jen Associate Professor
Yang, Ta- I Associate Professor
Chou, Chung- Jung Assistant Professor
Hu, Che- Chia Assistant Professor
Lin, Tzu- Jen Assistant Professor