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Degree Requirements for Master Program in Nanotechnology
As technology enters a new era of interdisciplinary cooperation and development, a mechanism to offer such kind of purpose draws more attention. To dedicate to follow the worldly trend of technology, Master Program in Nanotechnology was founded in 2007 to provide a platform for academics from different fields to cooperate and innovate new technologies on nano-science. Besides, sharing of facilities and resources adds this grogram another edge to lead advanced research.

At present, this program collaborates with 3 colleges inclusive of 5 departments. They are School of Physics, School of Chemistry, School of Bioscience Technology, School of Electronic Engineering and School of Medical Engineering. Based on the professional specialties of the supportive faculty, we offer two tracks for our students to concentrate on; they are nanomaterials and nanoBiomedicine.

Degree Requirements for Master Program in Nanotechnology
The study term for pursuing this degree must be 1 to 4 years, during which a minimum of 30 credits inclusive of a thesis is required for graduation. Students must propose the thesis examination during a regulated period, and will be conferred Master Degree in Science after passing thesis examination.

Required Coursework
The required coursework is 19 credits and students of both tracks are required to take the same courses.
Required coursework and credit are listed in the following table.

Required coursework
Title Credit Semester Year
Nano-technology 3 Fall First
Theory and Application of Nano-testing and Nano-measurement(I), (II) 3, 3 Fall, Spring First
Seminar (I), (II) 1, 1 Fall, Spring First
Seminar (III), (IV) 1, 1 Fall, Spring Second
Thesis 3, 3 Fall, Spring Second
Total 19    
Note: Seminar is a required course that students must enroll every semester during the study term.

Elective Coursework
To cultivate students with interdisciplinary expertise, elective graduate-level courses offered by cooperative departments are designated into two tracks which are nanomaterials and nanoBiomedicine. Every student will be required to choose one to take courses. Students from both tracks must take the course “Lectures on Nanotechnology Industry”, which is only offered every other year. Also, to build up fundamental ability of cross field research, students are also requested to take at least one course from the other track. Besides, any units obtained from courses offered by Nano International Program can be counted as parts of graduation credit.

Graduation Credit Table
Required/ Elective Units
Required course s 19
Elective course s 11
Total 30