College of Design - Master Program in Cultural and Creative Design
About US

College of Design at Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) was the earliest college of design ever established in Taiwan, Republic of China. The College was established 25 years ago. With substantial academic bases in Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior design, and Commercial Design, in response to the national plans for major development, to satisfy the requirements for transformation of the conventional industries, to enhance the level of talent training, and to expand the scope of human resource development, and to merge and integrate cultural heritage, innovative life, visual beauty, and advertisement marketing, Master Program in Cultural and Creative Designwas established in 2014. The Program integrated the teaching and research resources provided by the four Departments in College of Design, in cooperation with Research Center of Creative Design and Center of Innovative Culture Design – with both Centers being established by the College – to jointly develop services to the society and industries.

The goal for Master Program in Cultural and Creative Designis to cultivate research, management, design, and service for the innovative cultural industries, with resource integration through industrial-academic cooperation and interlinkage of societal needs and learning purposes. Characteristic for courses’ design is learning through workshops, to be improved by industrial internships and to be undergone by integrated studies with in-depth cultivation of local cultures and with exploration of global perspectives.


The items of mission for Graduate Program of Creative Cultural Design are knowledge innovated incessantly, design full of creativities, and culture-created values.


The objectives for Graduate Program of Creative Cultural Design are (1) cultivate talents capable of research in cultures and creativity in design with enhanced implementation capacity and (2) develop organizations with leading global perspectives in academic research and industrial cooperation.

Future Prospects

The future prospects for Graduate Program of Creative Cultural Design are, based on the needs of the industries, to (1) develop teaching characterized with innovative design required by the industries and (2) construct the knowledge-base for research in culture and innovation in application.