College of Humanities and Education - The Language Center
About US

The Language Center (LC), established in 1972, is currently a part of the Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies at Chung Yuan Christian University; the Center is in charge of offering foreign language courses to both undergraduate and graduate students at CYCU.

The Language Center provides Freshman English and Listening & Speaking in the Lab for college freshman; Sophomore English for second year students and it also provides an array of second foreign language courses (French, German, and Japanese) as elective courses.

Furthermore, advanced writing courses as well as advanced conversation training courses are also available for non-English majors. In addition to the above mentioned courses, technical writing and business English Corner offered for all students are very popular and in high demand.

To further engage the interest and enthusiasm of the students at CYCU, the Center sponsors four school-wide contests per year; they are the English Speech Contest, English Recitation Contest, Spelling Bee, and English Drama Contest. Additionally, the Center offers English Corner, Writing Clinic, and English Consultation Room for students with difficulty of learning English, and various workshops regarding studying abroad, English resume writing, research paper writing, and presentation skill training are also offered throughout the academic year.


  1. We will create an environment, that is accessible, comfortable, and productive.
  2. We will help students improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for academic and professional purposes.
  3. We will help students understand and practice many learning strategies for accomplishing the ultimate goal of communicating effectively..


While the primary goal of The Language Center of Chung Yuan Christian University is to refine students’ communication skills including reading, writing, speaking, and listening; the second goal is to enrich students’ appreciation of culture around the world. The Language Center also plays an important role to provide certificate-based programs and seeks an opportunity to expand its curriculum repertoire.

Future Prospects

  1. Provide more language learning activities to enhance students’ international perspective and ability to communicate in foreign languages.
  2. Integrate learning resources at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to develop a unique learning direction and boost students’ multiple culture awareness.
  3. Provide quality courses for interested students from other colleges in CYCU to help them develop a foreign language skill for professional field.
  4. Give summer-time extensive English training to students who are willing to learn more.
  5. Invite more distinguished guest speakers from diverse fields to enrich students’ career readiness.
  6. Encourage students and teachers alike to participate in more motivation-driven courses and activities provided by The Language Center.