Brief Introduction
International Master Program of Biomedical Materials and Technology leading to the degrees of Master of Science was established in 2015. The mission of the program is to pursue excellence in Biomedical materials and technology education, research, and innovation; creating and imparting knowledge for improving society, human health, and health care. The program has 16 full-time faculties and adjunct professors, whose professions cover Biomaterials, drug delivery systems, nanomedicine, tissue engineering, and medical devices. The program is working with Department of Biomedical Engineering to provide admitted students resources of education and research.

Our aim is to train student to be intellectually, morally, professionally in the field of Biomaterials. The research is mainly focused on innovative medical devices based on the application of Biomaterials. In addition, the students are educated with a vision of entrepreneurship. The students should develop the skills of team work and problem solving ability to meet the requirement of ABET accreditation.

Program features

  1. The professional fields of the faculty members cover all technologies of Biomedical engineering including Biomaterials, physiology and Biology, microelectronics, medical imaging and medical informatics.
  2. Advanced instruments are available in professor’s laboratory for including GPC, FTIR, HPLC, DSC, UV-VIS spectroscopy, AFM, Confocal Microscopy, Real-time imaging fluorescent microscopes, and Standard cell culture rooms and animal facility. The program is jointly working with different research centers. Therefore, more advanced instruments on the campus are also available for teaching and research.

Program duration and degree offered
A period of two years is required for Master degree. Each master student must complete at least 24 credits of coursework plus 6 credits of master thesis.

Program contact information & contact person
Program coordinator: Dr. Ming-Fa Hsieh, e-mail:

Program website
Consult Biomedical Engineering website: