A Ph.D. Program was initiated in 1992 to strengthen the research activity. Currently, the major research fields in the Department include condensed-matter physics, photonics and theoretical physics. To maintain a balance between fundamental and applied research, the graduate program is not only devoted to the systematic research method, but also careful not to lose the balance between theory and experiment. Our research interests cover both fundamental physics and applied research. We aspire to establish ourselves as an internationally acclaimed institute where a wide range of research interests is supported.

Our future developments include:

  1. Boosting the students’ competitive edge by combining fundamental and professional trainings in the curriculum.
  2. Preparing our students for the country’s future technological and economic developments by equipping them with solid knowledge of physics as well as advanced innovation technologies.
  3. Maintaining a balance between theory and experiment in terms of curriculum design and faculty recruitment.
  4. Strengthening collaboration and mutual support between teaching and research.
  5. Availing ourselves of the school’s quality digital learning system, i-learning, when designing the curriculum. By doing so, it is hoped that we further improve the efficiency and effectiveness in terms of teaching and learning by allowing students to fully access course information and related resources, benefiting from the web-based learning platform.

Strengthening academic research while making vigorous efforts in students’ professional training at the same time.

Contact person:
Kwei-Chou Yang , professor and chairman of department of physics
Contact Contact phone number / Fax:+886-3-2653201 / +886-3-2653229
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  1. To inspire our students to excel in both their knowledge of physics and their grasps of advanced innovation technologies, so as to ensure that our students are well equipped with both fundamental and professional trainings and meet the requirements for the country’s technological and economic developments.
  2. To help our students succeed in their academic or professional careers by providing solid training in fundamental physics and stimulating both their independent and creative thinking.
  1. Diligent teachers of excellent experience
    The majority of our current full-time faculty members earned their doctoral degrees from either local or international well-known universities. The department also hires many talented experts and scholars with outstanding research and industry experiences to be our part-time teachers.
    Top notch research talents: Because of their outstanding research performances, many teachers in the department have been honored with Outstanding Research Awards from both the National Science Council and our university.
  2. Professional teaching and student counselling:
    A number of teachers in the department have been awarded with the Award of Teaching Excellence and the Award of Excellent Student Advisors from both the university and the College of Science. Our teachers are noted for their professional excellence as well as their accessibility.
  3. Research labs for special projects: There are in total 14 laboratories set up for special programs.