International Graduate Program of Applied Mathematics

This program provides students with an education in core mathematics, methods of statistics, and an in-depth study of Computer Science. Students can choose to major the three divisions, mathematics, statistics, or computer science, according to their own interests.

The graduate program of Science covers the development of the ability to do independent research and provides advanced studies in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. A Ph.D. program is not only provides student with solid mathematics related research, but also leads them to the latest technology. In this respect, this program also integrates the strength of both teachers and the students to do research.

Contact person:Mu Ming Wong , professor and chairman of applied mathematics
Contact phone number / Fax:886-3-2653101 / 886-3-2653199
Program Website:

  1. Mathematics program – high school teacher, vocational school teacher, mathematics instructor, mathematical software engineer.
  2. Satistics program – data analyst, QA engineer, actuary, national tests.
  3. Information science program – information engineer, software engineer, database analyst.

Total credits required 30 credits (including 12 credits for dissertation) to meet the course requirement of granting the doctor degree.