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In order to establish connections on a global scale, our school has actively devoted efforts to structure an international learning environment. The Master of International Business has thus been incorporated into the school curriculum since the year 2011. In addition to fostering talents who are equipped with English abilities and excel in the field of international business, the school also provides liberal scholarship and recruits outstanding international students while providing them the environment to grow.

The courses designated for the Master of International Business program covers international economics; financial accounting; decision support; management basics; research methods; and all the basic and advanced courses offered in an International Business School. According to the study research by Burson-Marsteller (this research has been conducted within the 5-year period), the training for a managerial position includes: strategic management; investment and financing management; organizational behavior (employee incentive and management); decision management; corporate culture management; information access (information of the corporation’s outer environment and status of corporate operation), which are all covered in this curriculum’s course.

Besides advocating and establishing a solid foundation for business education, IPBM in our school also strives to pass on the concept of corporate ethics and corporate practice. This way, our school will be able to influence the society and overseas region on a grander scale. The ultimate purpose is to provide outstanding talents with a strong background in the master of international business, which will in turn contribute to the country’s economy and long term social needs, as well as provide the country’s overseas businessmen more business talents in order to help expand the international market.


To educate students to become excellent local and international management professionals who possess both fundamental knowledge and technical know-how prepared to face the globalized business environment.

To train students to be academically-driven and socially-aware individuals who exemplify leadership and ethical character devoted to practicing holistic education.

To provide rigorous and relevant research geared towards serving the school and the community in the global economy.


To cultivate cultural awareness able to connect with the workforce of the global economy

To train competent professionals ready with the rapidly-changing globalized business environment

To develop research expertise viable for both the academe and the industry

To cultivate moral consciousness able to positively contribute to business ethics and social responsibility issues

To develop effective communication and leadership skills

Future Prospects

  • Strengthen the integrity of the curriculum by focusing on both the demands of the local and international students
  • Enrich students learning by having an integrated business school and increasing each departments’ learning resources
  • Facilitate communication with students and faculty, and tracking of alumni by improving online web platform
  • Develop students’ international perspectives by focusing on standardized international activities