Vision and Mission

The vision of the College of Humanities and Education is to pursue General Education and develop professional maturity by relying on the ideology of Holistic Education to develop its curriculum, implement teaching strategies, and undertake extracurricular activities. Students should not only know how to understand the current world but also become concerned about the ultimate end of it, studying traditional teachings as well as modern philosophies. They should start by learning about their native land and then expand outward to learn about the world, blending the spirit of humanism with the piety of religious belief, revering God, and loving people. Students should also learn to practice their skills, find fulfillment in their lives, and become sincere persons.

The purpose of Holistic Education is to help everyone who attends CYCU to become a whole person, a person who is balanced in body, mind, and spirit. More specifically, that means:

  • To be a balanced person by knowing how to love oneself, life, and other people;
  • To be a well-rounded person by respecting oneself, others, and knowing the truth;
  • To be an optimistic person by being able to see the brightness, abundance, and variety in life;
  • To be a healthy person by having a strong body, stable mind, and a thriving spirit.

Established in 1999, the College of Humanities and Education has been devoted to developing Holistic Education with the cultivation of Body, Mind and Spirit as a basic component, and to the pursuit of the harmony among the Creator, Humanity, the Entire Creation, and the Individual Self. The College consists of three departments, two graduate schools, three teaching centers, a master program and an undergraduate program: the Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and the Department of Special Education (each with their own M.A. program); the Graduate School of Religion and the Graduate School of Education; the Language Center, the Center for General Education, and the Center for Teacher Education; Master Program in Music Industry and the Undergraduate Program in the College of Humanities and Education.

Key Features
Vision and Mission

The true value of this College lies in the two professional fields, Humanities and Education. The College's history of excellent traditions combined with unique developments has contributed greatly to the innovation and growth of departments and learning programs. Progressive strategies have helped the College to establish and foster the features of innovation, creativity, internationalization and diversity.

  1. Emphasizing Holistic Education, the core idea of education
  2. The College values most the end product of Holistic Education and embraces the idea of Holistic Education, and cultivates students' professional knowledge and competence, and fosters teachers for pre-school, elementary school and junior high school levels.

  3. Enhancing the combination of theory and practice
  4. Students learn the principles of the field they are studying as well as how to put them to use so as to meet the needs of both society and business.

  5. Elaborating on the planning of General Education curricula and activities
  6. The General Education curricula involve four dimensions—the Creator, Humanity, the Entire Creation, and the Individual Self. In addition, General Education is able to integrate cross-field programs, enlarging the horizons of this university in Humanities.

  7. Developing the potential of teaching Mandarin Chinese, and delivering it to foreign countries
  8. Mandarin Chinese is becoming popular around the world. It is hoped to introduce the elaborate Mandarin Chinese instruction and testing programs as broadly as possible, and to become a leading force in doing so.

Future Prospects
  1. To cultivate well-rounded professionals, and foster teachers for pre-school, elementary school and junior high school levels.
  2. To improve the atmosphere for research by connecting different Colleges and encouraging inter-disciplinary research.
  3. To integrate resources and promote internationalization in the College.
  4. To provide students with opportunities for internship in career fields to increase their career competitiveness.
  5. To apply teachers' and students' professional knowledge and competence in support of the community.
  6. To create an atmosphere of holistic caring in order to put Holistic Education into practice.

The College offers a wide range of International Exchange programs through academic exchanges and international study programs.

  1. Academic Exchanges
  2. The College of Humanities and Education is actively engaged in academic exchanges with prestigious universities in the U.S., Europe, China, and Southeast Asian countries through mutual academic visits, large-scale international conferences, seminars and teacher / student exchanges.

  3. International Study Programs
  4. The College sponsors various kinds of activities every year. The Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, for example, is actively recruiting international students to come to the university to learn Chinese. This department also recommends its outstanding students to teach Chinese in universities overseas. The College has been holding a study tour in summer for years, providing our university students to study the Jing-Chu Dynasty Culture in Hubei Province, China.

Greetings from the Dean:

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Education at CYCU!

We`re unique. The College of Humanities and Education at CYCU has dedicated faculty, challenging coursework, and numerous opportunities for you to gain real-world experience through abundant experiences. You can even earn course credits by participating in our international study programs in many countries including mainland China, Korea, Japan, the U.S.A., and countries throughout Europe.

Our faculty and I ensure that each of you will receive full support to help you become a leader in your professional field. We believe the partnerships you develop, combined with the strength of the skills and experiences you acquire while you are with us will enable you to make a difference.

I sincerely invite you to explore our websites for details about our prestigious programs, exciting events, and substantial research. Come and join the College of Humanities and Education and launch your future!

Rejoice always!

Li-Jen Ou

Dean, College of Humanities and Education

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