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In 2013, the Bachelor Program of Design in Indigenous Culture was established under the direction of former Dean of College of Design, Yu Chao-Ching, Associate Professor Walis Wu (Department of Commercial Design), Lecturer Lu Chien-Ming (Department of Architecture), and Lecturer Oto Micyang. The program accepts indigenous student only, and recruits twenty students per year as a single-class. Students are required to pass the entry interview and portfolio examination in order to enter the program. As of 2016, the program consists sixty-eight indigenous students. The faculty and administrative team includes one full-time lecturer, one administrative assistant, and one teaching assistant.

Part-time lecturers and faculty members from the four Design Departments within The College of Design, The Department of Architecture, The Department of Commercial Design, The Department of Interior Design, and The Department of Landscape Architecture, also support the program.


The education mission of the Bachelor Program of Design in Indigenous Culture at CYCU is to combine indigenous values and professional design ability. In order to create a learning environment of indigenous culture for students, the program implements indigenous values and integrate tribal environmental issues that are based on traditional indigenous wisdom. Through this integrative framework, students can practice their design ability with the knowledge of indigenous culture and value.


This program aims to:

  1. Cultivate students to form indigenous values and traditional wisdom.
  2. Nurture students to possess professional knowledge and design ability.
  3. Equip students with the understanding of Cultural and Creative Industry, creativity in living, sustainable environment, cultural assets, and ecological tour.
  4. Develop integrated professionals of indigenous culture.
  5. Provide students a learning and exchange platform for indigenous autonomy.

Future Prospects

To develop design professionals with indigenous values, who can give back to their villages and contribute to social welfare.

Career options include:

  1. Indigenous Language Teacher
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Video Editor
  4. Digital Media Designer
  5. Multi-media Designer
  6. Art Editor
  7. Fashion Editor
  8. Cultural and Creative Industry Designer
  9. Cultural Preservation Professional


In the freshman and sophomore curriculum, the primary goal is for students to acquire indigenous traditional knowledge. Therefore, more indigenous teachers teach the freshman and sophomore students than other levels. For indigenous culture acquisition, the program offers courses such as, Ecology and Culture, and Verbal Context and Culture and Design and Culture of Indigenous. In the junior and senior curriculum, students strengthen their design ability through working with non-indigenous professors from the Department of Architecture, the Department of Commercial Design, the Department of Interior Design, and the Department of Landscape Architecture. Courses include New Media Art Creation and Design and Cultural Creative Practice and Introduction to Design Course.

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